Ziggy D’Amato Shares New Single ‘Maya Blue’ | News

Ziggy D'Amato Shares New Single 'Maya Blue' | News

Ziggy D’Amato has shared his latest single ‘Maya Blue’.

The track is a euphoric, flavourful listen that celebrates the artist’s creative autonomy – writing, performing, recording, producing and mixing all of his own material. ‘Maya Blue’ is focussed on its full, honey-glazed production, tying together bright guitar chords, groovy basslines and dynamic drums. Vocally, the Ohio riser carries a 70s nostalgia, seamlessly layering harmonies across his soaring hook.

Arriving as the title track of D’Amato’s latest EP, the project hosts an eclectic pool of styles and genres. At times leaning into indie-rock textures, at others swinging towards breezy pop anthems, the artist reaches into a summer sound palette. Since his debut last year, D’Amato has taken a hands-on approach to his process, piecing something that feels true and organic from start to finish.

‘Maya Blue’ is a lush, romantic offering from Ziggy D’Amato, sure to win over its crowds in the upcoming months.

D’Amato adds: “Maya Blue is a tale of falling love in the winter of 2020. The excitement and joy of crushing hard. The heartbreak of it goes unrequited. The gratitude of being a small part of the eternal human love story.”

Tune in now.

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