Yahya Drops New EP ‘Made It Out Of Purgatory’ | News

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New York based alternative rapper Yahya has shared new EP ‘Made It Out Of Purgatory’.

The Sudanese-American artist works in his own lane, blending a neat curatorial ear for adventurous production alongside his own intensely autobiographical lines. Someone who speaks the truth, Yahya has built a following with his ragged sonic memoirs.

Recent album ‘Pieces Of Me (The Full Story)’ received widespread acclaim, a work of real maturity. The sound of someone coming into their own, it’s gained more than two million streams, with Yahya re-asserting his global reach.

New EP ‘Made It Out Of Purgatory’ continues his journey, a weighty five-tracker that doesn’t flinch from raw revelation. Soulful yet unafraid to be open, it finds Yahya continuing his rich run of form.

In his words, the EP “speaks to learning how to be yourself again after healing your heart and healing your perspectives, so that you can move forward in your blessings. It is also about coming to understand that to move forward, you must first be still, and within that stillness, you can really slow the life around you right down, so you can see everything you were meant to attain from a certain space.”

“The EP tells my story of addressing your life’s cycles, and shedding those destructive behaviours and patterns by being honest with yourself…”

Tune in now.

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