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Westerman will release his new album ‘An Inbuilt Fault’ on May 5th.

The songwriter is now based in Athens, settling his roots into the DIY communities that pepper the Greek city. Recently returning with his drifting, enchanting single ‘Idol; RE-run‘, Westerman has now unveiled plans for a full length project.

New album ‘An Inbuilt Fault’ will be released on May 5th, and it features nine new tracks from this beguiling, distinctive songwriter. Alongside the announce he’s just shared new song ‘CSI: Petralona’, which seems to tap back into the guitar-led pop that permeated his early work.

Co-produced by Westerman and James Krivchenia (Big Thief), it’s a softly endearing return, one that gently overwhelms you.

Westerman comments…

“I had the riff for the song and left it lying around with a bunch of other bits and pieces. A friend told me that Tom Waits has this image of having a musical junk drawer of old parts that you haven’t found anything to do with. It came from there. I went to Greece for a month to scope out if I wanted to move here, and a friend encouraged me to write about this strange day I had there. The lyrics were immediate. It’s presented on the album as it was first written. It’s the most autobiographical song on the record.”

Tune in now.

1. Give
2. Idol; RE-run
3. I, Catullus
4. CSI Petralona
5. Help Didn’t Help At All
6. A Lens Turning
7. Take
8. An Inbuilt Fault
9. Pilot Was A Dancer

Photo Credit: Siam Coy

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