Watch: Lil Durk – “Therapy Session / Pelle Coat” Feat. Alicia Keys

Watch: Lil Durk - "Therapy Session / Pelle Coat" Feat. Alicia Keys

Lil Durk shares the “Therapy Session / Pelle Coat” visual with Alicia Keys.

Lil Durk continues putting out new music as he releases two new offering “Therapy Session” and “Pelle Coat”. The first one is an intro which is produced and performed by Alicia Keys, while the second solo track is produced by Chopsquad DJ. The songs arrive with two in one music video.

“If you got a name and you stand on business, you can’t be the first to fold / Bro got a body, but brodie got four bodies, he the first to told / On my back is a burden, bro in the car and I did it on purposе / They in Suburbans, bro in the Track’ and he hoppеd on the curb then / Brodie moved back ’cause brodie started lackin’ just off his girlfriend,” raps Durk on Pelle Coat.

This is the latest offering off Durk’s new album “Almost Healed“, which is due to drop later tonight. This follows up recently released J. Cole feature “All My Life“, which debuted at #2 on Billboard Hot 100.

Watch the video below.

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