Watch Ki BandZ’ New Music Video For “Poison”

Brooklyn Rapper Ki BandZ has been dropping back-to-back visuals for his latest singles, most notably “Poison” which was released in mid-July. The video depicts the hungry rapper aggressively spittin’ his bars and proving why he deserves a seat at the table, seems like Ki BandZ isn’t taking any breaks anytime soon.

His name Ki BandZ originally stemmed from his father calling him “Cash” & he first got his start in music about 4 years ago when his friends started a group, according to a previous interview with Thisis50. He also spoke about the current state of NY Drill music & more. It’s safe to say this artist isn’t going away anytime soon.

Prior notable music videos include “Geek” which was released back in June and “Long Nights” released in 2021.

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