Treach wants Eminem to hear his new album before anyone else

Treach wants Eminem to hear his new album before anyone else

Treach reveals his new solo album is on the way.

Naughty By Nature’s Treach has been teasing his new solo album for past year, and he finally sheds some light on the upcoming project. Treach and Vin Rock recently reunited at the stage of Rock the Bells with Queen Latifa, where the share details of his upcoming album while showing love for Eminem.

“When Eminem shouts me out, man, it’s nothing but love,” he said. “He said, like, I almost made him stop rapping when he heard me — when I heard Eminem, I almost stopped rapping. I’m like, ‘This guy right here, you cannot top nothing he’s saying right now.’

He continued, “It’s not ’cause he a white boy that he getting the accolades, he getting anything else — he’s one of the dopest MCs to touch the mic ever in history, and if you got a problem with it, say it so he can chew your a-s out the f–kin frame.”

“Em, you know what, I’m working on a solo album and I ain’t takin’ it to nobody but you. So you got it out there in the universe. Come see me — love you.”

Previously, he also stated that he would only do an album if Eminem collaborates. “Never done, never even attempted to do a solo album. I’ve got heat rocks. And the only one to put it out, the only one I trust to do it with labels and all the rest of that, it’s somebody who really got love for me and it’ll only go through him. So if he wants the offer he got it, if he doesn’t y’all will never hear the solo album from me. In a minute, In a heartbeat, It will also be the first time you hear me and him on a record cause you know Em gonna be all on the album.”

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