Travis Scott Brings Out Kanye West At Circus Maximus Concert

Travis Scott Brings Out Kanye West At Circus Maximus Concert In Rome

Kanye West makes an appearance at Travis Scott’s Circus Maximus concert.

After the cancellation of Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza concert, Travis Scott performed at the ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium called Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy. The show was attended by over 60,000 fans, and it also features a surprise appearance from none other than Kanye West.

“It’s been a long journey before we can get here, Chase B,” the Utopia rapper tells the DJ Chase B before bringing out Ye. “And I can only say that it’s been only been one human being on this muthaf–kin’ planet that has ever walked side by side with me through anything and every muthaf–kin’ thing.”

The DJ then played the music of Kanye’s Donda single “Praise God,” which featured Travis Scott and Baby Keem. The controversial rapper followed it up with a performance of his classic “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

“There is no ‘Utopia’ without Kanye West. There is no Travis Scott without Kanye West,” Scott said during the performance. “There is no Rome without Kanye West. Make some noise for Ye.”

Check out some of the moments below.


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