Trapland Pat Exclusive Interview with HipHopSince1987

Trapland Pat Exclusive Interview with HipHopSince1987

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2021 was a meteoric year for Trapland Pat, heralded by his single “Big Business.” With his hyper-melodic delivery and floating musicality, “Big Business” highlighted his rare charisma, generating over 5 million streams to date. With the release of his Trapnificent tape, he looks forward to making an even bigger imprint beyond South Florida’s rap scene, dropping singles “Losses,” “D.O.A.” ft. BIG 30, and “Astronaut Status” ft. Fredo Bang. “Being versatile is so important to me,” he explains. “You never know how I’m going to approach a beat
or rap on a song. I never want to be predictable.” With an iron grip on harmony, a knack for knockout bars, and a distinct groove, Trapland Pat exemplifies versatility. “I want you to be able to feel where I’m coming from and relate to me,” he leaves off. “I hope I’m being vivid enough that you’re walking in my shoes and understanding me when you listen.”

In this exclusive interview with HipHopSince1987 rising star, Trapland Pat breaks down his career and music. He talks to Digital Crates about his come-up and goes into detail about some of his biggest hit songs and newest album. He represents South Florida to the core with a unique sound that blends different elements of southern music with raw lyricism. He has a motivational grind and has flooded his fans with a ton of music and videos. He works hard and dedicates a lot of energy to making the best music possible. His fanbase is growing and his streams and views are exploding.

He has a signature sound that is propelled by unique production and beats. His flows and rap patterns are delivered with an animated quality that is further punctuated by high-energy visuals. As an artist, he is humble and has a lot of collaboration under his belt with many more on the way. His most recent album “Trapnificent” is a culmination of a lot of work put in over the years but he is not complacent and has much more on the way this year! He will be performing at Rolling Loud in Miami and will continue to feed the streets with high-quality content.

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