Track Of The Day 9/6 – floweroflove | News

Track Of The Day 9/6 - floweroflove | News

True story: Clash tried to organise something with floweroflove recently, and was surprised at the complexities of her schedule.

“Oh,” replied the press rep – “she needs to wait until school is over before she can take part…”

A remarkably precocious multi-hyphenate, this songwriter, producer, and vocalist is busy doing it her own way, melding towards R&B with shards of ultra-colourful pop music.

Recent single ‘Will We Ever Get This Right’ was a radiant offering, but we reckon floweroflove could have surpassed herself with the follow-up.

Out now, ‘Hannah Montana’ has a cute sense of innocence, but it contrasts this with the world-weariness of an artist in bloom.

Aiming for something “nostalgic, versatile, mellow, warm, and the feeling of home” she twists between her dual roles: the academic young student, and the hotly-tipped artist.

As she puts it: “‘Hannah Montana’ is a reflection of how I’m a regular student on the weekdays but on the weekends I’m Flowerovlove.”

Fresh from a wonderful show at the Courtyard in East London, ‘Hannah Montana’ could not be more timely – particularly as the school holidays are approaching…

Tap in below.

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