Track Of The Day 24/1 – Frost Children | News

Track Of The Day 24/1 - Frost Children | News

How best to describe Frost Children? A collision of sounds, a confusion of influences; the two-piece (in reality NYC-based siblings Lulu and Angel Prost) blur the edges between sincerity and sarcasm, between club culture and the punk underground.

A string of essential releases and ridiculous parties made their name, with Frost Children now linking up alongside True Panther (Grace Ives, King Krule). Kicking off the partnership, new single ‘FLATLINE’ seems to epitomise just how daring, just how outlandish the pair can be – exploding definitions at every turn, it’s an insouciant slice of artistry that defies conventions and shuns boundaries.

Opening with rave-tinted electronics, it then breaks down into a full-on circle pit call-and-response chant. Pitched somewhere between club freedom and the sense of community emo engendered, ‘FLATLINE’ is an epic excursion into their world.

Of the song itself, Frost Children comment…

“’Flatline’, my love is blind. But seriously are you effing with me?”

A full video is online now, directed by POWERED BY WIND – tune in now.

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