Track Of The Day 23/2 – Ari Dayan | News

Track Of The Day 23/2 - Ari Dayan | News

Ari Dayan’s music comes from a raw place.

The LA songwriter leaves no divide between her soul and her music, pouring her feelings into each project.

Ari’s current three-song collection concludes with ‘Undeserving’, and it finds the Californian native going deeper and deeper.

Out now, it’s a beautiful, frank return, one marked by personal experience and insight.

A song about emerging from the throes of heartbreak, ‘Undeserving’ is as much about recovery as it is about pain.

Ari Dayan’s voice trembles, as she intones: “It’s not your fault, I’m a sucker for the hurting, I fell in love with someone so undeserving…”

She comments…

“‘Undeserving’ was birthed from a raw place. I was in the early days of a heartbreak and taking stock of the warning signs I had missed along the way. I felt like a sore, chewed thumb with the skin peeling at the tip. I remember that hollow feeling in my stomach when I listen to the track now, but I know I’m stronger for having gone through it.”

Director Diana Ali Chire takes the helm of the emotionally charged visuals, and we’re able to bring them to the world.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: David-Simon Dayan

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