Track Of The Day 1/6 – Vivi Rincon | News

Track Of The Day 1/6 - Vivi Rincon | News

Vivi Rincon has always known who she was – whether the world was truly ready for it is another question.

Growing up in Texas, she was surrounded by a monoculture that seemed to exclude voices like hers, experiences like hers.

Heading to Berklee School of Music, Vivi Rincon began to come out of her shell, a time of evolution in both a personal and creative sense.

Finessing her musicality, she also met her girlfriend, who in turn became Vivi’s producer.

New single ‘if we lived on the moon’ is about the quiet moments of contemplation that permeate a relationship, and it contains wisdom far beyond her 21 years.

Out now, it’s a gorgeous listen, comfortable in its quiet security, with Vivi Rincon singing: “We’d never think twice about who we’d offend and we’d never say we’re just friends…”

A song about her journey as a queer woman, ‘if we lived on the moon’ affords Vivi Rincon the space to face down the world with confidence.

“This song is about the difficulties of living in a world where you aren’t accepted for who you are. It’s about being scared to kiss the person you love in public, but it’s also about how beautiful love can really be.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Lucy Ketchum

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