Tony Yayo Reveals The First Ever Rhyme That 50 Cent Rapped

Tony Yayo recites 50 Cent’s first-ever rhyme.

Tony Yayo recently made an appearance on DJ Vlad’s VladTV for an interview session, where the rapper talked about his good friend 50 Cent and revealed that first ever rhyme the POWER mogul rapped. Yayo stated that it took place at a friend’s basement when Fif decided to show off his rap skills.

“The sale went stale / Quarter mil bail / Fresh out the jail / Sh*t is really real / Ni**as is locked up man I pray they don’t tell / 100 man indictment my lawyer got to fight this / Ni**as know I ain’t never pressed for dough,” Yayo rapped. “Ni**as know I don’t serve nobody I don’t know / Son said he was from OT / Sold 11 to Oz / His man brought him to me but he ain’t really know, b / Said it was hot, Duke was a cop.”

Yayo shares details of their hustling days when they use to hide in their friend’s basement from police and would perform some freestyles.

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Watch the interview below.

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