Timbaland Says You Better Not Disrespect Eminem; Reveals His…

Timbaland Says You Better Not Disrespect Eminem; Reveals His...

Timbaland appears on the debut episode of “I Am Hip-Hop”.

I Am Athlete kicked off their newest series called “I Am Hip-Hop”, in celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary. For the first episode of the series, hosts Brandon Marshall and Chef Danie sat down with one of the greatest producers Timbaland.

During the conversation, Timbaland was asked about his top 10 rappers list, which he said is impossible for him to give. “I’m going from the era of like just…Jay-Z is number one for me,” he said at the 16:00 minute mark. “So, Biggie, Jay and Nas are like The Three Musketeers… and Tupac. I would say, if we had to route the Mount Rushmore, I would have to put five because I had to put Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, damn… we gotta put six. Snoop Dogg, lets not forget Eminem.”

He continued and responded to people disrespecting Eminem. “You better not. You better not. He [Eminem] took hip-hop and made story. It’s what people do with the word ‘hip-hop’ and how you interpret it. So, these people that I’m naming changed my life to get me to where I’m today. To make me love music even more.”

Check out the full interview below.


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