The New Beginning For The Duo Almost Perfect

The New Beginning For The Duo Almost Perfect

Quavo & Takeoff drop their first album “Only Built For Infinity Links” after Offset split.

Our ratings: 9.4/10

They came, they say & they conquered. This was the story of the Migos as they surged to the top of hip-hop with their fiery passions propelling them from the underground scene to the masses. But just like a good story comes to an end, the Migos came to an end in 2021, and since then, rifts have crept up among the trio. Offset is entangled in a legal battle with his label, leaving Quavo and Takeoff stranded.

Quavo and Takeoff have been focused on the art while their former colleague is engaged in wading through legal legalities. ‘Only Built For Infinity Links‘ is almost a retort to the Migos.

“Only Built For Infinity Links” is just as bombastic as its title, with 18 songs and roughly an hour of music. There are many different concepts presented here, and it is amazing to hear two A-League rappers making such obvious bets. The album’s first track, “2 Infinity Links,” features a trap beat with horns from Buddah Bless and talks well about bonds in the planet that are connected by blood, while “Tony Starks” ends up taking a more ominous turn thanks to Murda Beatz, who sings about having holes in the chest similar to those of Iron Man.

‘See Bout It,’ which features Mustard, is a sizzling Latin-tinged roll with a skewed horn placed against those bursting snare drums.

‘Only Built For Infinity Links,’ an album brimming with energy, is jam-packed with moments. ‘Bars Into Captions’ contains a nice ‘So Fresh, So Clean’ flashback, recognizing OutKast’s Southern rap forefathers. Summer Walker, on the other hand, adds a touch of traditional R&B to ‘Mixy,’ while Gucci Mane’s showy cameo on ‘Us vs. Them’ is a sign of brotherhood.

The trippy trap rhythm that drives “HOTEL LOBBY (Unc & Phew)” is one of my favorites. I appreciate how Quavo and Takeoff ride the rhythm as if they are in control but about to tumble off. Lyrically, they constantly flex, demonstrating that it is unacceptable to provide cash to those who behave in this manner. On the whole, I think “HOTEL LOBBY (Unc & Phew)” is the only song on this record that truly pushed the dial for me.

“Hotel Lobby” has a more twangy sound to it, throwing some braggadocio immediately before “Bars into Captions” samples OutKast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” that welcomes you to Atlanta.

Then, on “See ‘Bout It,” Unc & Phew boast about stealing girls over a hip-hop instrumental from DJ Mustard, which is followed by YoungBoy Never Broke Once joining them for the smooth “To the Bone,” a song on how awful their girls, with YoungBoy, Never Broke Again. Seriously, however, I adore it whenever NBA YoungBoy and Migos work together. Their respective aesthetics work incredibly nicely together. That said, “To The Bone” is something vibe with frequently. You hear a groove with a wonderful bounce and sleek vibes in the track. Quavo, NBA YoungBoy, and Takeoff grace us with raps that are suave as heck, full of seriousness and pimp. Additionally, they alternate from ferocious lyrical raps and aggressive flows. “To The Bone” is an all-around guaranteed smash.

DJ Durel’s discussion of blowing out on “Not Out” aims for a murkier sound, but Gunna and Young Thug join in for the acoustic/trap-infused “Chocolate,” which is about hustlers putting chocolate in their packs.

The best of Atlanta are showcased in “Chocolate,” and they do not disappoint. The song is a collaboration between Quavo, Young Thug, Gunna, and Takeoff that combines their own talents to produce an amalgam of boastful lyrics, laid-back beats, and embarrassing moments. In spite of the fact that everyone in the track excels, I think Young Thug and Gunna’s extended duet is simply hot. Although the sedated lyrical on “2.30” just does not appeal to me, “Look At This” mixes trap music with symphonic singing of all they have. While “Messy” discusses the primary reason why one should not let a girl in their gang over a fiddly trap score, Quavo evidently airs out Offset for getting involved with his ex Saweetie in “Mixy,” a moody little trap/R&B fusion song with Summer Walker. The trio of course tackles the themes of affection in both songs. Moving on to “Nothing Changed” was obviously designed for Related but different Jack, right down to the trippy instrumental, even though I dislike the fact dealing that aint change except the ice, whereas the subdued “Integration” boasts about being right about everything. In the song “Us vs. Them,” which features Gucci Mane, the group angrily declares that it is they versus the rest of the world. A fighter may enter the ring while listening to “Us vs. Them.” The song has a foreboding sound, aggressive/ferocious rap delivery, and lyrics that support Quavo, Takeoff, and Gucci Mane’s propensity for grabbing other men’s women, embarrassing them, and intimidating them. This song is intended for the trio’s opponents.

Big Stunna” is fun little braggadocios trap great track on which Birdman contributes a respectable vocal. The amazing guitar riff in “Hell Yeah” contrasts beautifully with their ghetto raps, while “Integration” plays with racial and economic divides in the United States. On “Hell Yeah,” has a more pared-back look as Unc & Phew pursue a bag jointly, while “Tools” is a dazzling ending inviting you to share the riches. I truly connected with the essence of “Tools.” Quavo and Takeoff both rap and sing throughout the song with vigor that complements the fast-paced trap music. Lyrically, I like their sentiments of helping others while being paid. Their advice to embrace the possibility that Onlyfans could surpass you in your girl’s heart is not something I agree with.

Nevertheless, no matter how good the album is, it is not without flaws. ‘Only Built For Infinity Links’ relies too hard on the past at points, and goes dangerously near becoming Migos minus Offset – rather than a production that has its own touch and characteristics. However, at its finest, the album more so than fulfills the expectation – the post-Migos world appears to be very enticing indeed.

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