The Game Regrets Saying Kanye West Did More Than Dr. Dre

The Game Regrets Saying That Kanye West Did More For Him Than Dr. Dre

The Game regrets his comments on Dr. Dre.

The Game looks back on the hurtful comments that he made about Dr. Dre last year during an interview. Last year, the rapper made an appearance on Drink Champs on the heels of his Kanye West collab “Eazy”, and stated that Ye did more for him in two weeks than Dr. Dre did in his entire career.

“So basically I was hollering at N.O.R.E. and them a little inebriated,” he said in new interview with Amazon Music. “And I said some things that I meant. I’m not gon’ take it back – I ain’t no s**ker. But having Dre do anything for your project, anything in your career, touch any part of anything you’re doing in life is such a blessing that I shall not ever sh*t on that again.”

He continued, “And I haven’t talked to Dre since. And it don’t really matter if we talk again in life. Like, I’m a standup Compton, L.A. ni**a and it is what it is. I said what I said, I’m not going back on it. It’s just that I should have actually gave him more grace for what he did do and that was actually mentoring me and doing things that nobody could have done for me in my career.

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“When I was talking on there, I was speaking in terms of what Ye was doing right at that moment which was life-changing for me in that moment last year. And then I based it on Dre’s lack thereof because I took the business part personal and I should have left it business.” “But Dre is Dre, bro. We all know what Dr. Dre do.”

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