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Teenage Fanclub have shared new song ‘Tired Of Being Alone’.

The Scottish indie pop legends have a habit of creating songs that pull at your heartstrings, the kind of melodic nuggets that get well and truly under your skin. New album ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ finds the Glasgow rooted band adapting to evolution, while also displaying plenty of that classic sound.

Take new song ‘Tired Of Being Alone’. Uniquely affecting, it’s a guitar pop strummer that blends lush harmonies with some striking lyrical imagery.

Beautifully realised by Raymond McGinley, it links ennui and isolation with their surroundings, describing “a tree that becomes a fire”.

Raymond McGinley comments…

Towards the end of our session in Rockfield Studios making the album I woke up in the middle of the night. There was a guitar next to the bed. I picked it up and this song came out. The words for the chorus were there already.

I recorded a rough version on my phone and then went back to sleep. We recorded the song later that day. As a band we like to trust our instincts and let things happen. As with Norman’s song ‘Foreign Land’ this song only exists because we decided to go to the studio and make a record. If we’d waited for the stars to align first before recording we’d still be waiting now.

The wistful song comes equipped with a new video shot by Donald Milne at Vibberodden Lighthouse near Egersund, Norway.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Donald Milne

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