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Teenage Fanclub have shared their new single ‘Back To The Light’.

The Glasgow indie pop evergreens are back again, engaging with evolution, and a sense of maturity. Out on September 22nd, new album ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ reflects shifts both internal and external.

Take new song ‘Back To The Light’. Perhaps it’s these unseasonably chilly days and perpetual downpours, but it has a distinctly Autumnal feel – the slow pace, the warmth of the saxophone, and the ease at which Teenage Fanclub move into introspection.

Penned by melancholic master Norman Blake, the vocals were recorded at Raymond McGinley’s studio in Glasgow, while the instrumentation was laid down across 10 days at the famed Rockfield Studios in Wales.

The lyrics re-frame being in a band as being in a relationship – which it sort of is, in a way. Easy on the ear, and undoubtedly affecting, ‘Back To The Light’ reaffirms the group’s commitment to one another.

Norman Blake comments…

I liked the idea of using being in a band as a metaphor for a personal relationship. They are not entirely dissimilar experiences. Like a few others on the album, this song has saxophone on it. The first time we’ve had that since ‘Songs From Northern Britain’. Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo) played those parts; we really like the richness it brings to the song. Steve will be with us when we head out on tour in October in Europe.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Donald Milne

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