T.I. Says Kanye West “Stopped Reading The Room”

T.I. Says Kanye West "Stopped Reading The Room"

T.I. talks difference between current and old Kanye West.

T.I. recently made an appearance on The Breakfast Club as part of the 20th-anniversary celebration of his second studio album “Trap Muzik”. During the conversation, the rapper was asked about his views on current and old Kanye West.

“Kanye was cool to hear man, I ain’t even gonna cap. Kanye was — how can I say — he was more conversational. He read the room a lot better,” he said. “It feel like Ye, y’know, he got to a point where he just stopped reading the room and just gave everything everywhere, y’know what I mean?”

T.I. then reflect on Kanye playing his earlier songs before their release: “He was just so excited playing it, and I’m listening, and when I heard ‘Jesus Walks,’ I said, ‘man he gonna either do really well or extremely bad.’”

Check out the interview below.


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