Snoop Dogg Calls Fetty Wap’s “Sweet Yamz” Song Of The Year

Snoop Dogg Calls Fetty Wap's "Sweet Yamz" Song Of The Year

Snoop Dogg picks song of the year.

Snoop Dogg has released a lot of new music this year, including multiple projects. However, the long beach legend has picked someone else as the artist with the best song of the year. In a new clip on his Social Media, Uncle Snoop has crowned Fetty Wap with the song of the year tag for his track “Sweet Yamz”.

“Yo, this nI**a Fetty Wap got the song of the year right now,” Snoop said in the clip while listening to the record. “This sh*t bangin’ like a muthaf**ka! I don’t know if it’s for Thanksgiving. Fetty Wap, you got one with this, nephew.”

Fetty Wap also reposted the clip on his IG Story, in which Snoop Dogg is dancing to the song and smoking a blunt.

The song “Sweet Yamz” is a remake of Masego and Devin Morrison’s “Yamz,” which was released around a year ago. “I really connected with the original song from the first time I heard it earlier this year,” Fetty said. “It makes me think of one of my favorite cities, Miami. I immediately knew I wanted to flip it and had to do a Zoomix.”


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