SKY H1 Outlines Debut Album ‘Azure’ | News

SKY H1 Outlines Debut Album 'Azure' | News

Electronic artist SKY H1 has outlined plans for her debut album ‘Azure’.

The producer’s 2016 project ‘Motion’ was a fantastic piece of sound design, blending aspects of techno, instrumental grime, and found sounds to dramatic effect.

Her debut album ‘Azure’ is eagerly anticipated, and it will be released shortly via AD 93, the London based label founded by Nic Tasker.

Out on December 3rd, it’s led by ‘Elysian Heights’ which steers the producer’s music in a riveting new direction.

Drawing from an evolved palette, her painterly touch remains, while the immersive visuals were forged by the L.A. based creative design studio Actual Objects.

SKY H1 comments…

“I wanted to make something that sounded epic with a break, that reminded me of some of the tracks on drum and bass compilation mix CD’s I used to listen to and that would evoke a similar feeling, but without it referencing a similar type of track structure.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Maryan Said

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