Sevendust with special guests Tetrarch and Dead Poet Society, Skyway Theatre Minneapolis

Tetrarch skyway 3 23 2022 (8 of 1)

First up was a newer band Dead Poets Society. They are an energetic four piece that had some great original music. The crowd showed up early and seemed to be in to them. The bass sound was a little too much of a copy of Muse. Or at least that’s what several fans were saying as we were talking in the bloody between bands.

Tetrarch was next up. They had even more energy than the opening act. The lead singer even said “we are not a band that is going to just stand here with our hands in our pockets”. They had some really interesting songs including “Stitch Me Up”, “I’m Not Right”, “Unstable”, and “Oddity”. They have the support of Sirius XM and seem to be making a dent. If you like metal like Slipknot, you will like this band.

Sevendust is always fantastic when ever I have seen them. Tonight was no exception. They came to tear the place up.

Sevendust worked their way through an amazing set. Many songs I have never heard them play which was such a treat. Lajon Witherspoon the lead singer sounded very melancholy as he reminisced about the past and how much these songs mean to the band. It was really refreshing to see an artist interact with the crowd that way. He shared that Sevendust does not have fans, they have family. And this show was a family reunion.

Some of the highlights for me tonight in their set were, “Praise”, “Shine”, “Damaged”, “Live Again”, “Bitch”, and “Crucified”. They are nearing the end first leg for the 21st Anniversary tour for Animosity. Leg 2 starts up at the end of April. For me, this is another must see show. Sevendust is a great live band that deserves your attention.

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