Russ Says His Catalog Is Not For Sale Music Is An Extension…

Russ Says His Catalog Is Not For Sale Music Is An Extension...

Russ explains the ownership percentage of artists’ catalogs.

While there are rumours about Justin Bieber nearing a deal to sell his music rights to Blackstone-backed Hipgnosis Songs Capital for around $200 million, Russ explains the percentage of artists’ music catalogs.

“How come the general public thinks artists own 100% of every song they’ve ever made? When artists sell their catalogue, they’re selling THEIR ownership of it. A lot of these ppl own the minority of their hits cuz all they did was sing/rap them. Someone else wrote/produced them,” he wrote.

The Independent artist then states it clearly that his catalogue is not for sale. “My catalogue is not for sale because IN MY OPINION, music is an extension of the soul so selling the RIGHTS away of my music is the epitome of selling my soul. I’m not letting some random company own my soul and my creations. Plus I’ll make more $ in perpetuity by keeping it.”

“Now idk anyones situation so if you feel like it makes sense to sell your catalogue, rock out. I just wanted to clear the air on why I turned down the offer cuz I keep seeing blogs post about it so I wanted to use the moment as an opportunity to inform and provide insight,” he wrote in another tweet.

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