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Robbie Williams has called out Damon Albarn in a new interview.

The pop legend’s new album ‘XXV’ lands on September 9th, and to celebrate Robbie conducted an interview – seemingly naked – with NME. Having chalked up seven No. 1 singles across a lengthy career, he had a lot to say, and didn’t hold back on his opinions.

Earlier this year, Damon Albarn caused a minor online storm when he took umbrage with artists who use co-songwriters in the studio – specifically, he named Taylor Swift in his analysis.

For Robbie Williams, though, this is just par for the course – indeed, he welcomes it into his process.

“I think that when people say that, what they’re actually doing is having a wank about themselves,” he comments. “It’s true! You know, it’s like, why don’t you cut the middle man out – just get a few ribs removed and give yourself a nosh, you twat!”

“Because all you’re doing is going, ‘Hey, I’m fucking amazing!’ Nothing good comes from it in any way, other than it’s a sort of dopamine hit for themselves, going, ‘Do you know – I’m a real one.’ OK. Good for you. Fuck off.”

Damon Albarn has yet to comment.

Elsewhere in the remarkable interview, Robbie Williams likens his trip to Glastonbury in 1995 by comparing it to “Putin turning up in Westminster. That’s a bit extreme, obviously, but it was like, ‘What the fuck is he doing here?’”

Find the full interview on NME.

‘XXV’ will be released on September 9th.

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