Relz Glover & Meet Boooshman release visuals for ‘Fxcking Drake Fans’ and it’s genre-blending perfection

IMG_20220731_100713_936-500x500 Relz Glover & Meet Boooshman release visuals for 'Fxcking Drake Fans' and it's genre-blending perfection

Relz Glover and Meet Boooshman have combined their unique talents on the genre-blending song ‘Fxcking Drake Fans.’ The music video perfectly matches the feel of the song, with Relz Glover taking the lead, rapping over the head-banging, bassline-heavy hip-hop beat by Meet Boooshman. The lyrics are just as catchy as the beat and are sure to stay in your head all day long.

Relz Glover and Boooshman take part in an infectious new single from Covenant Government and ABCU, fresh off signing a deal with Equity alongside Sony/Orchard. The song titled Fxcking Drake Fans pays homage to the goat Drizzy by establishing a new hip hop sub-genre. Using smooth instrumental and raw rap lyrics, they created something provocative and dance-worthy for anyone and everyone to enjoy, even strippers. In style and sound, it was groundbreaking. Who better to craft it than Relz Glover and Boooshman? They’ve got  tracks that are guaranteed to be banging from here until 2023 And judging by the buzz from social media so far, this is sure to be a smash hit! So take some time out of your day today and check out what these two talented rappers are cooking up—it might just end up being your favorite tune by the end of 2022!

When you think of hip-hop, you typically don’t associate the style with anything pop. It makes sense, considering the large number of diss tracks that have been written about pop singers over the years. However, when you hear a song like Fxcking Drake Fans, you’ll forget all about those beefs because what you’ll be listening to is pure rap mixed with elements of electronica.  If you’re unfamiliar with Relz Glover or his latest project, Meet Boooshman, now’s the time to get acquainted. Relz Glover and Boooshman are currently working on their future music in 757 Virginia, where they both moved from Queens, New York. 

The first time I saw the visuals of the single Fxcking Drake Fans by Relz Glover and Meet Boooshman, I was hooked. With its mix of genres, catchy beat, and cheeky lyrics, this song is something that will be stuck in your head for days.

“Shore Thing”:

“Eazy Bake” (ft. Meet Boooshman):


Relz Glover Instagram: @relzglover

Boooshman Instagram: @meetboooshman

Covenant Government Instagram: @Covgov

ABCU Instagram: @apronboyscollectiveuni

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