REASON Releases New Track “Impalas & Hydraulics” Feat. The Game

REASON Releases New Track "Impalas & Hydraulics" Feat. The Game

REASON and The Game connects on “Impalas & Hydraulics”.

TDE’s REASON is back with some new music as he recruits The Game for a brand new single titled “Impalas & Hydraulics” which is produced by Supah Mario. The song follows up his previous release “Is What It Is” with Jay Rock.

“This song is the west coast that I grew in. Everything that encompasses that, low riders, d**kies, vatos, I grew up in that,” said Reason on the release. “Game was the perfect person to add because when I think of that time he encompassed all of those things! He heard it and immediately knew what direction to go and it fit.”

“Come to the secretary on your birthday and step on the dirt / Ni**as get split with the TEC disrespectin’ the church / Your whole hood cryin’, guess they wasn’t expectin’ the hurt / Your momma want that R-I-P merch, guess who pressin’ the shirts / Keep playin’, ni**a,” raps The Game.

Listen to the song below.

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