From Left to Right: Yardy Léxandros, EverythinGR8, Alia Zin, Ali Khan Bey, R. Ray Robinson, J soulstice, Khzzari, Ventage, and Mikol.

What makes a hip hop cypher so great? Is it the 2 chains an artist wears? Is it having a whole lot of “Money” by partaking in a “Hot Girl Summer?” Is it coming “straight outta compton?” Is it the style or swagger that “no one on the corner” has, except for the rapper? Is it staying, “Humble!” Or Is it having a rags to riches story as a Bastard or poor righteous teachers by becoming “Bad and Boujee?” No! What makes a cypher is this. Cyphers are made by having stupid-dope, great, amazing, cool, fly, hot, chill, lit, or funky-fresh flow, style and rhymes that rappers vocally blast on the microphone and into the ear waves of many! Therefore, Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Editor, rap critic and enthusiast R. Ray Robinson of ArrriseAndGrind Productions keeps it ‘400’ by gathering rappers in Southern California to partake in the Arrrise and Grind Cypher Ch. 2! The Arrrise and Grind Cypher Chapter 2 was a spectacular music event. The event was where some of the best rappers from across the nation came together to demonstrate their talents and skills on the mic during the hip hop cypher session! Brace yourself! Because you are now about to witness the strength of “Real Hip Hop” rappers rising right here.

In classic hip hop fashion for cyphers, each rapper would be huddled in a circle, then one artist would walk into the circle rapping their verse. After that rapper finishes rapping for a few seconds or minutes, the next artist would go–and so on and so forth until everyone was done. With this cypher, all the rappers of the Arrrise and Grind Cypher Ch. 2 were excited to participate and do exactly that. However, they were most excited to represent themselves as true emcees. All the rappers had their own unique styles and flow. Some had deep voices. Others were smooth. Some were technical and calculating. Some gave off R&B Vibes. And of course, all were poetic. When each rapper started off their verse, they gradually became more upbeat rapping over the producer’s bombastic beats. Nonetheless, every rapper unconditionally and unapologetically rapped their lyrical bars. The names of the rappers participating: Yardy Léxandros, EverythinGR8, Alia Zin, Ali Khan Bey, J soulstice, Khzzari, Ventage, and Mikol. The three sound producers of the cypher include Prime Minister, Yardyknow, and DJ Luigi. The music video cypher for the ARRRISE AND GRIND CYPHER CH.2 was filmed at STUDIOBDTLA located in Los Angeles. Sadly, rapper Takeoff passed away recently, and the artists and crew sent their condolences.All the rappers are creative as far as their flow and their rhymes. How they come up with a topic to rap about is amazing in itself because of how unique they all are within such a short amount of time. It is hard to say who is the best rapper on this project because they all gave off their own great and stylish performance. As soon an artist began to rap, there was a sense of energy coming off each rapper. People watching their performance can claim that they wanted to show off their own very best individual skill set for the culture and spirit of hip hop. Arrrise and Grind Cypher Ch. 2 Is available on Youtube titled: “THE ARRRISE AND GRIND CYPHER CH 2” on the Youtube page arrriseandgrindproductions so go and check it out. Each artist can be reached through their social media platforms as well.


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