Pusha T Seemingly Responds To Jim Jones’ Remarks About Him

Pusha T Seemingly Responds To Jim Jones' Remarks About Him

Pusha T reacts to Jim Jones’ comments.

Just recently, Jim Jones made some debatable remarks about Pusha T as he stated that he doesn’t deserve a place in the Top 50 rappers of all time. “What has he done that puts him in the greatest rappers of all time besides talk about coke that he probably didn’t get himself?” he asked.

“He’s nice as sh*t. He could rap his a*s off, but what has he done?” asked Jones. “Nobody has dressed like him. Nobody wants to be like Pusha T. I don’t remember nothing. And let’s not be evil, but we don’t talk about rap where the ni**a that’s popping the bi**hes wanna f**k and the ni**as wanna be like. I don’t know too many ni**as in this game that was leaning towards being like Pusha T.” “Pusha T don’t hold no weight out here. He not pushing no sh*t out here,” he added.

Now it looks like the “Diet Coke” rapper caught Jones’ comments about him, as he seemingly responds in a post thanking Jerry Lorenzo, who included him in his Fear Of God show. “Places they’ll never be, stages they’ll never see…” he wrote. The comments started speculations that the caption is in response to the Dipset emcee.

Jones also made an appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he doubled down on his stand about Pusha T. “Could you name five Pusha T records?” he asked. “Could you name five Pusha T records? No, could you rap to five Pusha T records? Could you rap five [Jay-Z] verses if they came on? Could you rap five Drake verses if they came on? You lying because you work at radio. I’m just gonna say that because ni**as gonna say Jim went way wildin.”

“Shoutout to Pusha T, I love your soul,” Jim Jones added. “You my dawg, you not in my top 50. You might be in Charlamagne’s top 50 and things like that, but you haven’t done that much for me in my life. I never wanted to be like Pusha, I never had a Pusha moment in my life. Where I’m from, ni**as wanted to be like you if you was really that dude as a rapper.”


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