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Priestess has shared her ethereal new song ‘HOOKS’.

The songwriter carries a huge sense of emotional weight in her work, matching pointed, opaque electronics to some striking pop melodies. Reminiscent of Bjork in places, or even Kate Bush circa ‘The Dreaming’, Priestess wants to channel emotions that lie beyond words.

A full EP is incoming, and ‘Landscapes’ presents her inner dramas in widescreen. She comments:

“This debut EP came from many different spaces and angles emotionally. The name of the title track became an embodiment for the Landscapes of feeling that it was written within. Stitching together a mix of moments in time, whilst I was going through different experiences. It is also representative of how my work has an intrinsic connection to nature and the mirroring of ourselves within its cycles of death and rebirth…”

New song ‘HOOKS’ is a bold introduction to this realm, with the swirling digitalism bringing a paganistic awe. Priestess places her vocal to the forefront, the lyrics dealing with some explicitly personal aspects of her life.

A track that deals with toxic relationships, ‘HOOKS’ questions why we return again and again to situations that don’t serve our happiness. She says…

This track was written about my experience within an abusive relationship and the relatability I felt about people that ‘go back’ to their partners even when they know it’s unhealthy and bad for them. This experience was one that was very hard for me to extricate myself from and I felt it was like an intoxicating monster that had its hooks in me making it very hard to leave.”

Tune in now.

Mark Arrigo

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