Petite Noir Drops New Single ‘Simple Things’ | News

Petite Noir returns with new single ‘Simple Things’.

The Congolese artist has a pan-genre expanse, with his sound becoming terms ‘noir-wave’. Continually moving into fresh arenas, he’s currently building the follow-up to his 2015 album ‘La Vie Est Belle’.

New single ‘Simple Things’ is the second chapter to emerge from this fresh iteration, a song about regaining your power and protecting your energy. Continually seeking out fresh voices, the song blends Petite Noir’s own approach with input from Florida jazz musician Theo Croker.

Petite Noir sings…

It’s such a simple thing / They don’t want us to be equal / I see the chaos it brings / I see the way of the people.

Speaking on the track, he shares: “’Simple Things’ is about taking back your power. It’s a song for the people, to embrace harmony, reject division, and recognise that freedom comes from within.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Lucie Rox

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