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Pale Waves have shared their biting new single ‘Jealousy’.

The single appears on incoming album ‘Unwanted’, which was recorded in Los Angeles with alt production luminary Zakk Cervini.

As such, there’s a real sense of bite and venom to ‘Jealousy’ a song that channels 90s alt rock tropes from a very individual viewpoint.

As ever, Heather Baron-Gracie leads from the front, and her vocal seethes from the first note. “Some may see it as ridiculous,” she says, “but I love a bit of jealousy – not too much, but just enough… I want jealousy in a relationship because it shows me the person only has eyes for me and me only.”

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“The album dives into feelings that I felt not only needed to be written but I felt like our fans want to hear,” she adds. “Almost everyone has felt like they don’t belong, or has been made to feel like they’re not good enough. That’s a consistent theme that I’m seeing from our fans – that their family doesn’t approve of them, or their friends have disowned them because they’ve come out. So Unwanted had to be honest, provocative and loud. Not only thematically, but in the music as well.”

A punchy pop song wrapped up in black, you can check out ‘Jealousy’ below.

‘Unwanted’ will be released on August 12th.

Photo Credit: Ami Ford

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