NLE Choppa’s Song & Video “Ain’t Gonna Answer” Feat. Lil Wayn

NLE Choppa's Song & Video "Ain't Gonna Answer" Feat. Lil Wayn

NLE Choppa enlists Lil Wayne for “Ain’t Gonna Answer”.

After being teased for a few weeks, NLE Choppa has joined forces with Lil Wayne for a brand new collab called “Ain’t Gonna Answer”. The song arrives with a music video, and it will appear on Choppa’s upcoming project “Cottonwood 2”.

“Shirt off, Choppa on, Wheezy baby, I belong / I’m greedy baby, ramadan, I got my slimes with me, it’s a slime-athon / Wake up with Balenciaga pajamas on with two bi**hes / Check my phone, new pictures, I check your a*s like the new twitter,” raps Weezy.

During the music video shoot for the song, Choppa gave Weezy the flowers, literally, along with an appreciation letter as he told him “how much you inspire me and impacted my life.” The rapper told Wayne that the red roses are his thank you for him “as an artist, icon and more importantly an inspiration.” Wayne accepted the heartfelt gift from Choppa and he said: “Be like this guy.” “He’s a good guy, man, for real. I do this a lot. This doesn’t happen, he’s a great guy,” he added.

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