Nicki Minaj, Jesy Nelson Host IG Live To Defend ‘Boyz’ | News

Nicki Minaj and Jesy Nelson hosted an IG Live this evening (October 11th) to defend their song ‘Boyz’.

The single is Jesy Nelson’s first solo statement, and comes 10 months after confirming her departure from UK pop icons Little Mix.

Out now, both the song and video were strongly criticised by some on social media for its appropriation of Black culture, particularly imagery from 00s hip-hop videos.

Further, some viewed this as a continuation of the blackfishing accusations that have been made in the past against Jesy Nelson.

In the IG Live, the pair discussed these accusations, with a sombre Jesy – who has spoken in the past of the impact social media has had on her mental health – contrasted with the extrovert Nicki Minaj.

Indeed, Nicki lambasted “jealous people” and urged Jesy Nelson not to let it get to her.

Seemingly, Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock had texted her concerns to Jesy Nelson, leading Nicki Minaj to advise Little Mix that they could “print off those text messages, roll them up… and shove them up your ass!”

Later, Nicki gave her advice for those struggling with the toxicity of the net: “Stop reading the comments on the internet. Be happy!”

An apologetic Jesy insisted that ‘Boyz’ came from a place of love: “My intention was never ever to offend people of colour with this video and this song. Growing up as a young girl this is music I listened to. Those are the videos I loved.”

She added that the duo were “genuinely celebrating something that I love”.

Discussing her skin tone in the video, she insisted that she wasn’t wearing fake tan – she had instead just returned from a three week break in Antigua.

“When I’m in the sun I tan so dark,” she explained, before adding that she has naturally curly hair.

Jesy said: “I just want to literally send love, and celebrate this! It’s a fucking great song and I wanted to pay homage to Diddy. He loved it. He saw the video and he loved it, he accepted it, and he didn’t have a problem with it.”

Nicki Minaj dominated the screen, insisting that her collaborator shouldn’t “let anyone stress you!”

As for Little Mix, they should “put this fucking energy and focus on your own bloodclart life!”

This row shows no sign of blowing over. Not seen ‘Boyz’ yet? Find it below.

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