NBA Youngboy Clowns Lil Durk For Pushing His Album Release

NBA Youngboy Clowns Lil Durk For Pushing His Album Release

NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk’s beef reignited this week after the Baton Rouge rapper took shots at the Chicago emcee in a series of tweets. The two were supposed to fight on the charts this week as they both were releasing their new project on the same day. However, only Youngboy dropped his new “Richest Opp“, while Durk pushed his new album “Almost Healed” for the end of the month.

Now after winning the release battle, Youngboy trolls Durk in a newly shared clip on social media. “Bi**h-a*s ni**a, you pushed back, you bet not ever try it again,” YB says while dancing to his album. “Play with me,” he added.

In a new interview with XXL, the Top rapper also addressed announcing the project for the same day as Durk. “It really wasn’t something that I just had planned,” YoungBoy tells XXL. “I felt disrespected about something that went on. It was then just for somebody else to be promoted. So I felt like, sh*t, bi**h, don’t play with me. I stay ready. So, I’m just laying down my law and letting a ni**a know I’m here to stay. It’s my game and my rules.”

“Aye, it’s us never them,” YoungBoy added for announcing the project on the same day. “Focus on who matter. F**k that n***a album. Ya heard me? Tell ’em Top coming and that’s all that matters, mane.”

While Durk pushed his album, the rapper did drop the highly anticipated new J. Cole collab “All My Life” which arrived with a music video.

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