Nailah Hunter shares new single, “Strange Delights”

Nailah Hunter shares new single, “Strange Delights"

“Strange Delights” comes accompanied by a conceptual video directed by Haoyan Of America.

In line with Nailah Hunter: “”Strange Delights” began as an improv over a modular synth loop that my associate made. On the time, we had been burning a bunch of incense in a darkish room, which served as inspiration for the wandering vocal melody. As soon as I labored on it with producer Cicely Goulder, “Strange Delights” took on a extra golden high quality that jogs my memory of a hazy and intoxicated feast in a peculiar, but acquainted wooden.”

Concerning the video, director Haoyan Of America shares: “The concept for “Strange Delights” was developed via conversations with Nailah and impressed by her curiosity in crocodilian ‘tapetum lucidum’ (Latin for “shining layer”), a biologic reflector system widespread within the eyes of vertebrates that give them enhanced night time imaginative and prescient. The visible arc takes cues from the track’s musical development and highlights contrasting evolutionary ecologies.”

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