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Lawrence is a one-off. You hesitate to use the phrase, but he’s a National Treasure – witty and urbane, he’s built a singular catalogue, one replete with aesthetic triumph and glorious failure, continually reaching out to new challenges.

Through his work with Felt, and then Denim, he’s skirted the fringes of the mainstream, forever ploughing his own furrow. Latterly Go-Kart Mozart became his vessel of choice, before the need to change things became apparent.

So, welcome then Mozart Estate. Gloriously titled new album ‘Pop-Up! Ker-Ching! And The Possibilities Of Modern Shopping’ lands on January 27th, available digitally, on CD, and red vinyl (in fact you can order it online already).

New song ‘Relative Poverty’ leads the way, and if ever a song could sum up the fractious, bizarre state of the country in the Year Of Our Lord 2022 then it’s this one. A low-key classic, Lawrence leads from the front, his lyrical about-turns tapping into the surreal mundanity of the everyday.

Douglas Hart and Valerie Phillips construct the visuals, which have a kind of punk-like cut ‘n’ paste quality.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ben Jackson

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