Michael Aldag Shares Debut EP ‘SOCIALIZING’ In Full | News

Michael Aldag Shares Debut EP 'SOCIALIZING' In Full | News

Rising songwriter Michael Aldag has shared his debut EP ‘SOCIALIZING’ in full.

The new six tracker is out now, and finds the artist thriving on a sense of peer-to-peer communication. Speaking to fans about experiences from his own life in a language they can understand, it’s a self-described “diary entry” from the emerging voice.

Michael Aldag shared the EP in full with a note to fans, one that emphasises his sense of humour, and his commitment to reality. He says…

“SOCIALIZING is basically a diary entry set to the same six chords for the majority of the time. It covers: me being drunk, me being stressed, me being suicidal, me being rejected and me being okay. It really has it all!”

Alongside the EP itself, Michael Aldag has shared a lyric video for his song ‘POLAROID’, a song that moves from rejection to self-loathing, before emerging back into the bright lights of day.

“’POLAROID’ is about me being rejected by a girl and then spiraling into a crisis of self-worth which results in me contemplating corduroy trousers,” Michael explains.” I didn’t contemplate them for long thank god.”

Catch Michael Aldag on tour this month, playing a flurry of sold out dates; he hits London’s Camden Assembly on November 28th.

Tune in now.

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