Meet Upcoming Brooklyn Host and Personality Scrilla Fresh

Meet Upcoming Brooklyn Host and Personality Scrilla Fresh

Brooklyn-bred Scrilla Fresh is coming in hot for the sizzling summer out of the Cypress Hills projects! This popular personality utilizes his high-energy emceeing skills to engage with the audience while bringing the vibes!

While hosting has always been a love of his, he has continued to refine his genuine craft. When the world came to a halt due to the pandemic of COVID 19, Scrilla decided to keep his fans entertained during the downtime. He came up with the concept for a podcast while doing so. Despite having never done one before, he gave it a shot, but his abilities took a different course. As a result, the Voice of Brooklyn was founded!

Since, he’s stepping into the spotlight to showcase his skills whether it’s behind the scenes or in front of a camera. As the Voice of Brooklyn, his mission is to create a platform for emerging entertainers and entrepreneurs. He wants to highlight all of the talent within our generation into the next.

As he continues to create captivating content and connect with his rapidly growing fans base, he’s on the way to becoming the go-to podcast within the BK before moving global. I’m doing so, he has an open door policy with his listeners and looks to push the culture forward by building his fortune as well. Stay locked here while he continues to grind and grow as he strives to stardom!

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