Meet Raymond T, One of The Masterminds Behind The Music

Meet Raymond T,  One of The Masterminds Behind The Music

It’s always about a love of music.

Some of today’s top singers and songwriters like to share how they grew up surrounded with so much great sound, pretty much guaranteeing their involvement in the music ‘biz.

Raymond T’s story is a little different but starts with the same musical roots. He too spent hours listening to music, but his skill sets and passion turned out to be playing it and talking to people about it. 

Today, the California native can be heard on Live, where he’s a media personality, DJ, and podcast host. He spends his days – and some nights — playing music and chatting with musicians and other celebs about what they do. He loves every minute of it.

Radio Raymond T created the “Slaps and Nightcaps” playlist and channel on One Live, where he shares favorite “slapping” hip hop classics from the 1980s and 1990s. He has the Fresh Friday show and is host of the “Chop Shop” podcast.

“First and foremost, it has always been around my LOVE for music,” he said. “Regarding radio, growing up listening to the greats, it was always inspiring hearing that voice on the other end.”

Radio Raymond T tried rapping and singing in his earlier days and neither talent went very far. But getting on the other side of the microphone and being the one talking to people and selecting the tunes has always been satisfying.

He did some great interviews before COVID, and visited plenty of locations to share his skills.

But when the pandemic hit, the rules changed, and he couldn’t get out and talk to people at community events anymore.

What he could do, however, is invite anyone to talk to him, even if the guest was located far from Radio Raymond T or the studio.

Because many amazing artists were stuck at home too and eager to talk, this situation actually ended up expanding his potential guest list.

“COVID definitely made things a little tricky,” he said. “It put events on hold, but at the same time, with so many home performances, our Live platform was able to shine a little bit more.”

Though virtual interviews started out a little awkward, Radio Raymond T soon found his groove and now loves talking with just about anyone.

“The energy is a little different when you’re not actually in the same room with the people you’re talking to,” he said. “As a DJ, COVID put ‘outside’ events on pause, but these events are starting to come back.”

He’s had some amazing interviews over the years, including Big Daddy Kane and DMC. He loved talking to Eric Bellinger, whom he calls one of his all-time favorite human beings, and also enjoyed visiting with Kid Capri, another star who started as a DJ and got bigger from there. 

Now that things are opening back up, Radio Raymond T is making plans for future projects, including concerts and maybe even larger music festivals. He wants to keep giving back, he wants to share music with the world, and inspire others.  

“I always feel that I am in a blessed space that allows me to do what I love on a daily basis and share my love for music with the world,” he said. 

To learn more, follow him @radioraymondt

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