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Mazey Haze returns with dreamy new single ‘I Feel Like A Child’.

The Amsterdam artist is part of a wave of fresh talent in the city, each with their own unique voice. Mazey Haze will release new EP ‘Back To The Start’ on April 7th, and she’s got a refreshing, melodic, completely engaging sound.

New single ‘I Feel Like A Child’ has a sweetly innocent quality, its airy melodies pointing to a Bossa nova influence. There’s a cinematic sheen to her work, too, with Mazey Haze attempting to channel an aspect of Amsterdam in summer.

Mazey Haze recalls of the song’s origins…

“The trees are really pretty in the summer, and you can see the sunshine and all the leaves moving. The song is about the fact that everyone has their own perception, and that’s fine. There’s no right or wrong. There’s no truth. But what’s important is keeping in touch with your imagination.”

She adds…

“‘I Feel Like A Child’ is a song about beautiful mundanity in comparison to superficial humanity. I think these two have an amazing contrast next to each other and they’re two things that have always fascinated me.”

“I want to try and understand why I feel so wonderful and calm when I’m alone looking at some birds in the sky, leafy trees or listening to classical music. And why I feel overwhelmed and confused by so many people (including myself) so much. But mostly, I’ve figured out that there’s no sense in thinking about these things, but more so to act upon it and feel it.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Tara Wilts

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