Mattiel Share Potent New Single ‘Blood In The Yolk’ | News

Mattiel Share Potent New Single 'Blood In The Yolk' | News

Mattiel return with new single ‘Blood In The Yolk’.

The Atlanta partnership – Mattiel Brown and Jonah Swilley – will share a new album next month, with ‘Georgia Gothi’ landing on March 18th.

Tapping into their Southern roots, Mattiel’s blend of rock and soul is united by some highly personal songwriting.

‘Blood In The Yolk’ is a case in point – the sound of two musicians pushing each other further and further, the narrative sweep is informed by left-field cinema.

A brooding listen, ‘Blood In The Yolk’ takes Mattiel another step closer to their goal.

The band comment…

When Jonah first wrote the structure to ‘Blood In The Yolk’, it took me a while to compose my writing and decide how I wanted to approach it with lyrics and melody. I remember being a little frustrated with my lack of ideas in the beginning, but he gave me a pep-talk to keep me going, and we ended up writing a song that is so near and dear to my heart now.

It was also the first song on the album that felt easy for me to visualise, so I spent a long time thinking about how the video would come together. It’s heavily inspired by the 1969 film Color Of Pomegranates directed by Sergei Parajanov – which, if you haven’t seen it, is probably one of the most beautiful films ever made.

And we couldn’t have done it without our friend David James Swanson who shot and directed it – he really helped capture that balance of simplicity and drama in the shots. I was able to source all of the props and wardrobe from the Salvation Army, my mother’s house, and recycled fabric scraps… and David just brought the whole thing to life and completely understood my vision from the get-go.

‘Blood In The Yolk’ is one of my favourite songs Jonah and I have ever written together, and I feel so lucky that this is our ‘job’.

Tune in now.

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