Lil Durk Will Not Use Kanye West’s Work On Almost Healed Album

Lil Durk Will Not Use Kanye West's Work On Almost Healed Album

Lil Durk scrapped Kanye West’s production on the “Almost Healed” album.

Later tonight, we will finally get to hear Lil Durk’s new star-studded album “Almost Healed“. Ahead of the release, the rapper sat down with DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record Podcast, where he revealed that Kanye West did some things on the album, but he will not use it.

“He actually did my whole album,” Durk said about Kanye. “But I ain’t use it. He, like, tweaked with the beat, he put some vocals behind some beats. He played with a couple records. I’ma say that, he played with a couple records… He did some genius sh*t.”

He continued and gave update on Ye’s health. “I had went to the hotel where he was at. He was actually in a good head space. I guess all the bullsh*t that was going on with him was getting to him, but he definitely in a good space.”

In the conversation, Smurk also teased a deluxe edition of the album. “I’m trying to see if I can come back with some genius sh*t with it, man, and double my sales,” he said.

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Check out the conversation below.

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