Lil Durk Says JAY-Z Told Him ‘You Motivate Me’: “It Shocked Me”

Lil Durk Says JAY-Z Told Him 'You Motivate Me': "It Shocked Me"

Lil Durk recalls meeting with Jay-Z at Michael Rubin’s party.

Lil Durk sat down with XXL Magazine for a new interview as he became their cover star for the spring 2023 issue. During the interview, Smurk recalled a memorable meeting with JAY-Z at Michael Rubin’s party last year.

“I seen him at Michael Rubin’s party [in 2022] and he like, ‘Man, you motivate me,’” Durk recalled. “Man, f**k me up. I forgot my reply to him, ’cause it was on a walk-by. The reply ain’t make no damn sense ’cause it shocked me. I’m like, ‘What the f**k? Damn, that’s hard.’”

He continued, It’s just motivation. Everything happens for a reason. It was for a reason I was standing right there when he walked past at the time. You know, it’s probably people that be around him every day or be around Drake every day and wasting time. And they won’t be like, “Lemme learn how to engineer.” “Lemme learn how to shoot videos.” “Lemme learn how to…” They just want to soak up the air. I’m like, nah, I’m gonna get to it. I’m gonna figure this s**t out for us.”

Durk also named Hov as an inspiration to build an empire of his own. “Sh*t, look what he did. Résumé speak for itself,” he said. “He used to be in this position. He used to be the underdog. The streets used to take him under. And he bossed up, nah’m sayin’? You ain’t see him post pictures every day tryna fit in.”

Check out the full interview where he also details his new album.


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