Lil Durk Says J. Cole Smoked Him On His Own Song “All My Life”

Lil Durk Says J. Cole Smoked Him On His Own Song "All My Life"

J. Cole shines on Lil Durk’s “All My Life”.

Lil Durk was supposed to drop his new album “Almost Headled”, but it pushed back after a back and forth with NBA Youngboy. However, the rapper did release his highly anticipated new J. Cole collab “All My Life“, which arrived with a music video.

On the song, Cole provides the intro and a verse, which received praise from fans on social media. Now in a new short Complex interview shared online, Durk also says that Cole smoked him on the song. “The number one thing he smoked my a*s on that for one,” Durk said about collab with Cole. “That barely happens … shout out to J Cole.”

In a recent interview with XXL, Durk talked about the collab with Cole. “Definitely got J. Cole on “All My Life.” It’s just a rap that’s just showing you what I been going through. What I been doing lately. Trying to change how I am. Dr. Luke produced it. We were just trying to figure out like what’s the right person to put on it. ’Cause it’s one of those songs where if it’s not the right person to do the second verse… I feel like Cole can bring the energy that I’m looking for to it. So, if it wasn’t J. Cole, it’d be [Kanye], but Ye, he tucked away somewhere.”

Earlier in April, Durk was also a star guest for Dreamville Fest 2023, where he also teased the upcoming collab. “I was gon’ do it anyway,” he said about performing at Dreamville Fest. “I wanted to do it anyway getting to the festival world, but me and J. Cole cooking up something too. We just vibing, working, you know what I’m saying?”

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