Lil Durk Names Future, Drake & More In His Top 5 Rappers

Lil Durk Names Future, Drake & More In His Top 5 Rappers

Lil Durk covers XXL Magazine’s spring 2023 issue, reveals his top 5 favorite rappers.

As he prepares his next project, Lil Durk becomes the star to cover XXL Magazine’s spring 2023 issue. The rapper also sat down for a full interview, where he revealed his top five rappers, which includes his The Voice of the Heroes collaborator Lil Baby.

“My top five right now is Baby, Future, Drake, King Von and Chief Wuk,” he said. “They got the culture going crazy, just turning up in they own way,” he adds. “And everybody I named just like got they own typa style. Everybody don’t sound alike.”

In the interview, Lil Durk also reflects on his upcoming album “The Voice 2.0”, a follow-up to last year’s “7220”. “Growth,” he said. “That’s what the 2.0 stand for, just be on another level. Just not only music-wise, like the things around me like I told you, growing from the friends around me, management. Sitting with the mayor. We doin’ big charity things. Neighborhood Heroes, the foundation I got.”

“So, we just doing different things, ’cause if you say you The Voice, it’s like, OK, you The Voice of the Streets, so what happened? What you do? I did this, this, cool. OK, now what you do for the kids? Nah’m sayin’? So, now we just breaking it down. So, we doing this, we doing this, we doing this. Not only on Thanksgiving, not only on Christmas, just on a regular basis, helping people.”

He also talked about the J. Cole collab on the album. “Definitely got J. Cole on “All My Life.” It’s just a rap that’s just showing you what I been going through. What I been doing lately. Trying to change how I am. Dr. Luke produced it. We were just trying to figure out like what’s the right person to put on it. ’Cause it’s one of those songs where if it’s not the right person to do the second verse… I feel like Cole can bring the energy that I’m looking for to it. So, if it wasn’t J. Cole, it’d be [Kanye], but Ye, he tucked away somewhere.”

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