Kodak Black Declined To Work With Drake After 21 Savage Collab

Kodak Black Declined To Work With Drake After 21 Savage Collab

Kodak Black refused to work with Drake.

Kodak Black reportedly wanted to work with Drake on a whole project, but turned it down after the Toronto rapper’s collab album “Her Loss” with 21 Savage. The rapper revealed it during his recent Instagram live he told Drizzy that he doesn’t wanna do any album for now.

“I had told Drake I ain’t wanna do no collab actually,” he said. “No songs or no album, ’cause we supposed to been did a whole album together before him and lil buddy did that sh*t.”

“I had told him I wanted to wait, like 2023, after February,” he added.

The reason behind not working with Drake because of Kodak Black’s beef with 21 Savage. “21 don’t want the smokes, man,” Black said previously. “That ni**a ain’t say nothing yet. I done DM’d that ni**a. Man, wassup? Run it. I done hit Verzuz. Don’t be capping on this internet, homie. You ain’t ready to stand up in that fire, boy.” “Drake know that ni**a don’t want the smokes. Drake know what’s going on, boy,” he continued. “Me and Drake got a few songs, homie. We gon’ see when Drake gon’ put them bi**hes out.”

“I’m smoking Kodak,” responded 21. “Kodak got a lot of heat. It just depend how I play it, how I go though. They be acting like I ain’t got that sh*t. That’s what be the problem. I don’t know what ni**as be thinkin, before all that Drake [Her Loss] sh*t, I been having hits. Been having Diamond songs and sh*t. Only ni**a of this generation to go platinum with no features. They be talking that Savage is a feature artist, no Savage went platinum without all the features. Issa album went platinum with no features.”

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