Kodak Black Calls Out JAY-Z & Roc Nation Over Tory Lanez’s…

Kodak Black Calls Out JAY-Z & Roc Nation Over Tory Lanez's...

Kodak Black blames JAY-Z & Roc Nation over Tory Lanez’s verdict.

Tory Lanez has been found guilty in Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting case, and now JAY-Z & Roc Nation are getting flak over the verdict. After Bobby Shmurda, now Kodak Black also fires shots at the Hov, and blames him for the whole thing.

“Who advise that sh*t right before Christmas. And JAY-Z standing behind that sh*t, you a f**k ni**a homie,” he said. “And Meg, you supposed to be from the streets …. even it was a gunshot on your foot (and not pavement fragments)… I know a bi**h who got shot in the toe, too. I know a female who got shot in the toe. You don’t see her talking about sending ni**as to jail. The supposed to be from the streets. Took a ni**a from his family. Then after that ni**a gonna get deported, bro. But what you care is you don’t be seen as no liar. JAY-Z and Roc Nation gonna feel like we investing money in this bi**h and then they caught her lying and what that mean, what Roc Nation a lie or some crazy sh*t like that.”

He continued, “This sh*t aint right, homie. For real, bro. And Tory Lanez a good ni**a, bro. This sh*t fu**ing with my Christmas Eve. Everybody shit ain’t for me to speak on. But it’s like ni**as aint finna talk about that. Ni**as finna act like this sh*t ain’t never happen. I don’t know. I wasn’t in the courtroom. But at the same time, if it is some fu**ed up sh*t going on, ni**as ain’t gonna wanna say nothing because of the politics bullsh*t. And all of this Jay-Z sh*t. But I don’t like that sh*t nan bit.”

Check out the clip below.

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