Kevin Fingier Twists ‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’ In A Latin Direction | News

Kevin Fingier Twists 'It's Your Voodoo Working' In A Latin Direction | News

The rare soul community can be a tough crowd to please. There’s no more demanding an audience than a group of all-nighter dancers, some of whom can have decades of experience in crate-digging. So the rise of Kevin Fingier, then, is something to be cherished.

The Argentinian musician and songwriter has taken the Mod / soul underground by storm, with a flurry of releases igniting dancefloors across the globe. The Kevin Fingier Collective is a loose-knit group of musicians, the in-house band for his own Fingier Records – an imprint propelled forwards by the UK’s own Acid Jazz.

Each single sells out almost instantaneously, with Kevin Fingier perfecting an incredible brew of R&B, soul, boogaloo, and more. Early cut ‘Latin Dynamite’ caused a ruckus with collectors, managing to sell out its vinyl run in under two weeks – mint copies now reach prices in excess of £150 on Discogs and eBay.

Time for a re-press, then. A fresh vinyl pressing drops on December 9thbest act quick! – with Kevin Fingier slapping some brand new dancefloor action on the flip.

Injecting some latin energy into Charles Sheffield’s iconic new breed R&B dancer ‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’, the results are straight-up fire. The deft piano lines permeate the song, lifting it to a different dimension, while the gruffer-than-gruff vocal comes from guest Mandioca.

The song itself simply never misses – there are some well-established ska takes on the record, while this latin-infused re-working reinforces the majesty of the original songwriting.

As ever, Kevin Fingier’s energy and sheer zest bowls you over from first note to last. Out on streaming services now, you can dip into an animated visualiser below –

Order the ‘Latin Dynamite’ re-press online.

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