Kanye West, Eminem & Dr. Dre’s “Use This Gospel” Remix Featuring On DJ Khaled’s New Album “God Did”

Kanye West, Eminem & Dr. Dre's "Use This Gospel" Remix Featuring On DJ Khaled's New Album "God Did"

Eminem, Kanye West & Dr. Dre’s “Use This Gospel” Remix dropping this week.

Kanye West’s “Use This Gospel” remix with Eminem and Dr. Dre is finally releasing officially this Friday. The track which has been teased for a couple of past years will be featured on DJ Khaled’s 13th studio album “God Did” which is dropping on August 26th.

“Eminem Thank you for rapping on the Dr. Dre remix of use this gospel I have always loved and respected you and im honored to have you bless this song … Its also North West’s favorite Kanye West song of all time,” wrote Ye in September 2020.

Since then, there were no updates regarding the song were shared but a short snippet of Eminem’s verse on the remix surfaced online last year. “Every single day I thank God that’s why I pay so much homage,” raps the Detroit Rapper.

“Use This Gospel” is a spiritual track, which originally appeared on Kanye West 2019’s album “Jesus is King“. The original version featured Clipse, the duo of Pusha T and No Malice. Kenny G also assisted with a solo Saxophone cameo.

Check out DJ Khaled’s “God Did” tracklist below.

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