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Joseph Lawrence has shared powerful new song ‘BeGod’.

Clash caught the London based vocalist just before Christmas, the first flush of winter snow on the ground. The intimate crowd at London’s historic St Pancras Old Church was awed by his voice, a multi-octave tenor blessed with a unique level of expression.

His solo cuts are slowly amassing, and new song ‘BeGod’ adds another layer to his bold story. At times spartan, the astute story-telling gives ‘BeGod’ a sense of inner strength, all rooted in that imperious, stunning vocal delivery.

You can hear aspects of Massive Attack in the production, while Joseph Lawrence is also worth aligning alongside such idiosyncratic aesthetes as Benjamin Clementine. He comments…

‘BeGod’ asks the question of how far my own self belief will take me and wonders what happens if I go too far…

Check out a stunning performance clip below, alongside the final studio recording:

Photo Credit: Chieska Fortune-Smith

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